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With coding through the summer!


the summer is coming and its time to use this nice weather to have fun with coding. Next time, I’ll try to continue development. Sourceforge says that there are 17 downloads every week and a total of 880 downloads till today are a sign for me to work on BMS.

The task list is full actually and I plan to release the next alpha version – because there is at the moment no productive use possible (in my opinion …) – in july or august.This will be version 0.96 …

There are already some changes since the last version 0.95 has been released. A lot of fixed bugs and a better customer management is included. The background was enhanced with a messenger engine (BMS_Messenger), a very simple method to generate and display messages everywhere in the app you want.

A mysqli-adapter support was written.

JQuery 1.4.1 and an updated JQueryUI.


I hope to release the next version soon.

Best Regards




Already 100 downloads

I am happy to see that there are already 100 downloads of the BMS after ca. 35 days. This means to me that there is a interest for software like the BMS and I will continue the developement.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any feedback. Getting feedback is very important in the process of developement of such a “big” program, because the author can better and easier improve and specialize the software. Please report me your experiences or desires.

Mail: tapidev [at]


Booking Management System – alpha release

After one year of writing code, the Booking Management System has an alpha release. Testers are welcome and it would be great to hear your feedback. Please report every bug. The Booking Management System is a web based software, which allows you to manage bookings for holiday objects, like bungalows, holiday homes, holiday flats, etc…

There are many important upcoming features and the documentation is very sparse at the moment. You should not use this software in an productive environment.

Please visit:

Mail: tapidev [at]