The Booking Management System:

This web based application is written to administrate holiday objects, bungalows, rooms, holiday houses and hotels. Functionalities: Organizing the reservation calendar, adding objects, adding seasons, manage customers and generating invoices. The BMS is not fully developed at the moment and it is open for your own ideas. If you have ideas to improve the BMS, so I want to know these. Regarding the fact that my own practice in administrating holiday houses (and other objects of course) is very very small it would be great implementing opinions and desires of people who have a clue.

The BMS is written with the newest Zend Framework in PHP 5+ Standard. Javascript, CSS and HTML are used.

System Requirements:

The developer recommends an Apache Web Server for the BMS. Other web servers have not been tested yet. You can mail me your experience with other servers, to get  the documentation more detailed.

Webserver with PHP 5.2 or 5.3 at least, MySql 5
pdo_mysql and mod_rewrite are required and important

Installation Guide:

Using regular releases: Download the archive from the site and unpack it to your webserver. open /public/index.php and the installation dialog should appear.

Using trunk version: Download the (latest) revision and change the value “installed” in /application/config/general.ini to “false” and the installation mode should start when you browse the /public/ directory.